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COELBO was founded in 1988 with a business philosophy based on this innovative spirit and with the initial objective of producing a new electronic device (internationally patented) based on a new system for the automatic control of electric pumps for domestic use, which uses a pressure&flow dependent principle that consists of activating the pump by pressure drop to a preset value and deactivating it when the flow or consumption ceases. This technological innovation, based on electronics, basically makes it possible to dispense with traditional pressure switches and accumulators or hydropneumatic tanks, to the benefit of greater system reliability and offering the network greater stability and constant pressure. This innovation has been quickly accepted in the world market and is nowadays adopted by multiple replicas based on the same principle. COELBO has developed multiple variants that make up the most important range of pressure&flow dependent devices on the market, which we call the Pressflow Tech range.


The progressive and constant experience and know-how acquired by COELBO has allowed the creation of new Hi Tech systems and devices (Drivers), with sophisticated hardwares and specific and intelligent software, based on the principle of variable frequency drives (VSD) that confer to the current booster systems and to the fed network, all kinds of functional safety, energy efficiency, pressurization stability and reliability of all their functions. The wide range available offers all types of mounting, such as the SPEEDMATIC series for direct mounting on the hydraulic part of the electric pump, SPEEDBOARD for direct mounting on the electric motor or SPEEDBOX for independent wall mounting.


In addition to the ranges described above, COELBO has created a new range of Smart Tech devices and accessories with the same objective of automatic control of single or group electric pumps through single-phase or three-phase SWITCHMATIC electronic pressure switches. The Smart Tech family also includes transducers and auxiliary devices to protect the electric pump against water shortage or power supply overcurrent.


COELBO has also developed a range called Panel Matic of control panels, which combine its own experienced basic electronics with the software derived from its own know-how, offering excellent versatility and a wide range of features that allows the control of all types of electric pumps, with single or multiple groups, allowing the programming of all the functional inputs attributable to any type of installation.





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