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Spanish Equipment for Kitchen, HVAC and Bathroom
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Bathroom and kitchen equipment

Do you want to meet the best Spanish manufacturers of equipment for bathroom and kitchen? We own leader companies that manufactures bathroom and kitchen furniture as well as lighting, taps, sinks, toilets, bidets, bathtubs, shower trays, bathroom screens, hand dryers and other accessories.


HVAC systems

We can put you in touch with manufacturers of products related to heating, air conditioning and ventilation systems. In addition to providing the desired temperature, they can also ensure correct atmospheric humidity and correct air purification, both in domestic and industrial environments.


Sanitary technique, sanitation and control

We also group the best Spanish manufacturers of valves, fittings, hoses, thermo-static mixers, water control equipment and spare parts, as well as the public part of the conduction of fluids, tubes and pipes.



Evolution of the Spanish exports

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Main tendencies within the Spanish sector landscape



Building digitization has allowed contractors to create 3D project models for the coordination of physical elements and the synchronization of a project. Design and engineering companies are the first to experience disruption in their businesses, through BIM models. Actors who are not part of the data system will be disadvantaged. Digitized objects and data can even be sold in digital marketplaces, such as BIMobject.


3D Printing 

The integration of 3D printing technology will change the way we produce and make it easier to work with details and design.


Smart Technology at home

New concepts guarantee maximum planning and design freedom at home. Comfort functions, such as automatic filling of the bath or heating, or the Smart Water, through the fascinating choreographies with various points of water outlet.

Sustainability and renewable materials

The construction industry is adopting the circular economy paradigm through material recovery. Pilot projects under way in the European Union indicate a reduction of up to 75 per cent of all waste generated. Beyond environmental benefits, in developing countries it can mean lower housing prices, easier construction and greater competitiveness.

Prefabrication and modularization

The construction of houses from prefabricated parts and modules is one of the major changes in the sector. The benefits are a 50% reduction in construction time, lower labor costs and lower use of materials. For its inhabitants, the flexibility of this type of construction is also an important aspect to take into account. But it also has its disadvantage: Many companies do not know how to manufacture with this model, nor manage transport and logistics.


Vintage style will continue to be a big trend in bathrooms. Brightly colored tiles will be its main component. Also, the use of wood will continue to expand: naturalness will be highly valued as long as it is achieved with materials derived from nature. The organic environment will be characteristic. Although it will also favor the adaptation to more modern or industrial styles.


Main competitive advantages of Spanish companies

The bathroom, together with the equipment that makes it and shapes it, has become one of the rooms that currently enjoys more prominence in households around the world. Inside this premise, the bathroom constitutes a space marked by wellnes and the cult and care of the body, which make these rooms the center for relaxation after people’s daily activities.


Designers, decorators and interior designers conceive these rooms as spaces that are gaining more importance day after day, aware that the use and dedication given to these rooms have nothing to do with those of yesterday. Not only do they focus on the design, but also on the functionality and durability, designing bathrooms that require much less renovation. All this explains the need to create a diversified offer of medium-high range of products able to evolve rapidly and adapt to the changing needs of the society.


These are exactly the main and basic characteristics of the Spanish manufacturers of Bathroom Equipment, which, with quality, design and innovation, face the future with optimism to compete internationally in any market.

The Residential ventilation, air treatment and air distribution market is driven by the latest regulatory changes and by increased awareness of the importance of indoor air quality for greater health and comfort in buildings. One of the strengths of the sector is based on researches and developments that are producing increasingly efficient equipment to meet with the customers demands and respond to the recent regulatory changes.


The main competitive advantages in this sector are based on tailored manufacturing, with the aim of enhancing the efficiency of their customers.

  • The inclusion of the latest technological innovations in its products.
  • Innovation & efficiency at its highest performance.
  • Diversity and design without losing quality, safety and durability.
  • The best relationship of trust with the client.
  • Tailored solutions for each project.
Why should you cooperate with a Spanish company ?

Spanish manufacturers of equipment for bathroom, kitchen & HVAC are characterized by high quality and design solutions. They also know how to adapt their products to the needs of each client in order to offer customized solutions, guaranteeing maximum performance and durability.


The quality, design and efficiency of the products are some of its key aspects, therefore, collaborating with companies such as the Spanish one will provide a unique and differential value to your projects that will guarantee success.




Main values of the companies

Our companies are defined by sharing a common philosophy and values, which differ from other sectors. These soft skills that characterize our companies are:

  • The focus is on continuous improvement and innovation, what has led them to include the latest technological innovations in its products.
  • Familiarity and customer loyalty, striving to offer the best solution adapted to each need.
  • Responsibility, ensuring the safety and quality of its products at all times.
  • The concern for sustainability, which has led Spanish companies to make their products more and more efficient.

In short, our companies are defined as a ‘positive industry’, in other words, an industry capable of contributing to our society and to our environment.