The IAQ Cluster is born with the aim of promoting indoor air quality and safety
Dec 29 20

The new CLUSTER IAQ cluster brings together the most important companies in the indoor air treatment sector in Spain.


SODECA, as benchmark companies in ventilation systems and indoor air treatment, is part of the founding group of companies, an association that will help the different stakeholders to cooperate and share synergies.


The main objective is to lead future decisions on how to improve Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) in buildings and infrastructures, which among its many benefits will serve to prevent the spread of Covid-19.


Founding companies of the IAQ Cluster


Clúster IAQ.png



The coronavirus crisis has led to numerous alliances to fight the Covid-19 pandemic. Along these lines, SODECA works together with the rest of the cluster companies, taking advantage of their experience and technical capacity, in creating solutions that can precisely “improve the air quality of buildings and infrastructures and thus contribute to health, well-being and occupants’ safety “, according to Pau Pallàs, president of the cluster.


SODECA, as one of the most important companies in the ventilation sector in Spain, is part of the working group that “is analyzing, designing and implementing in a traceable way solutions to improve indoor air quality to face global health problems such as the Covid-19 or to environmental issues “.


“People spend a lot of time in work spaces, offices and other infrastructures, hence the importance of increasing the air quality in those places, something that with the Coronavirus crisis becomes even more urgent,” says Pallàs. In this sense, the cluster recalls the existing evidence, according to the World Health Organization, that the Covid-19 virus can travel several meters in closed and poorly ventilated places, increasing the risk of contagion.


The main objectives of the IAQ CLUSTER are:

  • Generate synergies to improve the IAQ in buildings and infrastructures, always seeking to improve the health, well-being and safety of its occupants, developing and innovating in technologies, solutions and systems for air treatment.
  • Develop a concept of indoor air quality assurance recognized in the IAQ CLUSTER field of action.
  • Raise awareness in society and disseminate the importance of IAQ for the health and well-being of people.


In order to achieve these objectives, the IAQ Cluster relies on the experience contributed by all the founding and associated companies. Each one from its specialty offers its knowledge and experience, acquired after a long and successful career developed in the air treatment sector.