Main innovation
Development of a new press technology for large sized products.
Demand covered or opportunity created
ISOTUBI saw that many customers using their press fittings were missing the opportunity of using their press technology for the big sizes. Some of them could not finish the work because they could not find these diameters on the market.
Innovation process
Collaborating with a German company, it took 2 years to launch the final product on the market.
Around half-million euros were invested in this project
It helped ISOTUBI to gain a reputation on the market, to offer something different that no one was offering at that time, leading to new collaborations with large customers around Europe.
For the next two years, the main investments will be dedicated to the improvement of the manufacturing processes.



Isotubi, S.L., has been working in the stainless steel world for more than 40 years. Their goal is to adapt their products and processes to new technologies and to make a constant effort in improving their customer service to best meet the needs of the customers.

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