Innovation process
The duration of the innovation process may vary depending on the difficulty of the project. With more than 40 years making angle valves, any new angle valve or solution for the bathroom comes out quickly (a couple of months). However, there are some other projects that may require years of development and innovation process.
Recognitions or awards
Arco holds more than 50 different patterns. They have been awarded by different organisms for their innovations and different products of their portfolio.
For the future ARCO is working on different areas. They are trying to come up with solutions and products that will save water, that are efficient in terms of energy consumption. Sustainability is also a major issue worldwide and ARCO wants to come up with products that will last longer in time. Smart Technologies will also be an area of focus, where the valves would be operated remotely.



ARCO is a family-owned Spanish enterprise dedicated to the design, production and sale of valves, and plumbing, gas and heating installation systems and accessories. The company offers innovative, safe, simple and sustainable solutions for both industrial and residential use, providing efficient responses to the needs of its customers, and in so doing contribute to their well-being and quality of life.

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