ISH Frankfurt: a must show for the Bathroom, Kitchen and HVAC equipment
Jan 11 20

ISH Frankfurt is globally recognized as one of the most important trade shows in the Bathroom, Kitchen and HVAC sectors, among others. After a hiatus due to the Covid-19 pandemic, this fair returned with a growing focus on energy efficiency and sustainability, reflecting the industry’s increasing concern for emissions reduction and the development of more environmentally friendly technologies. In this opinion article, we will delve into the highlights of ISH Frankfurt 2023 and the participation of Spanish companies in this significant fair.


A focus on sustainability and energy efficiency

ISH Frankfurt brings together over 2.000 exhibitors from around the world and attracts thousands of visitors and industry professionals. In the 2023 edition, the fair emphasized the importance of sustainability and energy efficiency in the industry, showcasing products and solutions with an emphasis on more efficient heating and cooling systems, renewable energy, intelligent control technologies, and water management solutions, among others. This clear trend reflects the need to reduce CO2 emissions and meet the EU’s renewable energy and energy efficiency objectives.


Emerging trends in the industry

ISH Frankfurt also unveiled several emerging trends in the interior equipment and sanitary industry. One of them is the use of sustainable materials in construction and sanitary fittings, such as wood, bamboo, and recycled materials. Another growing trend is the adoption of geothermal-based heating and cooling systems, leveraging the constant temperature of the ground to reduce energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions. Additionally, there was an increased focus on digitization and connectivity, presenting automation and remote control solutions for heating and cooling systems.


Challenges and opportunities for the industry

Among the challenges present at ISH Frankfurt is the need to meet the EU’s renewable energy and energy efficiency objectives. This challenge is driving innovation and investment in cleaner and more efficient technologies. The fair provides a unique opportunity for companies to showcase their solutions and establish connections with professionals from around the world.


Spanish participation at ISH Frankfurt

ISH Frankfurt serves as a global platform for Spanish companies to present their products and services to an international audience. In the 2023 edition, over 70 Spanish exhibitors participated in the fair, representing a wide range of sectors and companies associated with amec ascon and the Spanish Equipment for Bathroom, Kitchen and HVAC. Spanish visitors had the opportunity to explore the latest trends and technologies in the industry while establishing valuable contacts with suppliers and other professionals. Although some exhibitors expressed concerns about the number of visitors, the quality of contacts made and the fair’s international reputation were highlighted as key factors for their presence at the event.



ISH Frankfurt remains a reference trade show for the global interior equipment and sanitary industry. In its 2023 edition, the fair emphasized sustainability and energy efficiency, reflecting the growing concern for emissions reduction and the development of environmentally friendly technologies. Spanish companies’ participation in the fair was significant, and despite some concerns, most exhibitors expressed their intention to participate in future editions. ISH Frankfurt continues to be a crucial event for Spanish companies, providing opportunities to establish connections and showcase products on a global scale.


amec ascon and the Spanish Equipment for Bathroom, Kitchen and HVAC companies which participated on this ISH 2023 edition were:

CH Química, Clever Standard Hidráulica, FFUSS, Flexitub, Genebre and Genwec, Griferias Maier, Hecapo, Inpro Research and Development, Inyectometal, Isotubi, Metalgrup, NOFER-DECOSAN, PIPEX, Ramon Soler, Roca Sanitario, Sedal Group, Sodeca, S & P Sistemas de Ventilación, TUCAI, Valvulas Arco

Albert Mira

Representative of amec ascon and Spanish Equipment for Bathroom, Kitchen and HVAC